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At its best, fiction is a vehicle for social progress


Perhaps I'm not starting a foreign revolution...yet...

(tribute to Suzanne Collins), 

but I am going to do what I can

...and then a little more.

Welcome to Inward Bound



My first series, Gemination, consists of six near-future sci-fi, psychological thrillers. Books 1 and 2 come out in 2021, 3 through 5 in 2022, and the very last in 2023. If 108,000 people order/preorder the series at $108 (choice of ebook, audiobook, or paperback - shipping included for all U.S. bound books), that's everything we need to take Inward Bound to its fullest expression. So, you get a binge-worthy sci-fi series and get to support a great cause...but wait...there's more!


I'm also giving away 108 prizes. If you "Join the 108", you'll be entered into a contest with three prize levels.  

  • 36 people will win a retreat/class with accommodation at high desert retreat center Blue Desert Hale in stunning New Mexico - $900+ value

  • 36 people will win a 4-night, 3-day stay in the best Airbnb in North Carolina's beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains - $600+ value

  • 36 people will win a weekend stay at Blue Desert Hale in a lotus belle for two/for the family with 2 massages (or bodywork session of your choice) - $300+ value


Prizes are transferrable, prizes have no expiration date. 108% of proceeds will go to Inward Bound.   

Supporters can also make three monthly payments of $36 or six payments of $18.    


Not into Sci-Fi?


Checkout Rafflemania

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