Big Brother is watching,

but he’s quite the elusive doppelganger,

and he’s not the only one watching.


Leyla Stone serves the world as International 911, stopping injustices before the public is aware of them. The Sedition Underground is her home, but when she unwittingly takes part in an unauthorized assignment, her home becomes hostile territory.  


The enigma of all enigmas, Devlin Vail, rescues her from what he calls Geminates, the product of a radical genome endeavor initiated by an international conglomerate, The Faction.


Stone is smack in the middle of a secret and relentless war between her former employer and new enemy. However, the enemy isn’t new—she only has no memory of them. She remembers every waking moment of her life…but not of what happens in the moments between dreaming and waking.  



What do you do when you come face to face with your own psyche?

And it’s not one you recognize.


The Sedition is crumbling and The Faction is growing stronger, but there’s a chance that Stone can stop it. There’s a chance that equilibrium and order can be restored. Good, old-fashioned demolition-as-distraction becomes the strategy, in hopes of goading The Faction into making a mistake. Into revealing their eminence grise.   


As defectives from both sides join Stone and nanotechnology renders privacy obsolete, the future becomes uncertain, sparking the volatile component of her psyche and threatening what remains of her sanity.


But the Faction is hunting Stone for more than just retaliation—they want her mind. 



What happens when you come face to face with yourself? Only, it’s not you.


Leyla Stone has been going it alone, but a night of déjà vu throws her back into The Underground. Her solo hunt has ended with a common object, just another piece of the puzzle.


The Faction’s complexes have moved and Stone ends up in the wolf den of DARPA, in an effort to pinpoint the new locations. But what awaits her, she could never be prepared for. Familiar faces, though some are not familiar at all.


Stone's subconscious is stirring, growing impatient. Though her maker is dead, another is rising to take his place. Leyla Stone may have left the Sedition, but the experiments are far from being over.